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DelqueaBoss has started a donation pool!
2,600 / 10,000
Point Commissions are Open
Money Commissions are also Open
Must have Paypal

All lineart is 50pt (for money its 6 dollars though)
Anything more can be 51pts to 300pts (Or 7 to 12 dollars)
Complex details may add to that so beware.

Price will drop or increase depending on whether I like the commission or not. I will not reject it.

I draw anything except for sick fetishes.

NOTE: I CAN and WILL finish your commission but if I am not paid I am not showing you nor posting it period. But I do prefer being paid in advance since it helps me keep track of who's who.






She's Watching you c:

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2004 - I discovered deviantart through a wikipedia article concerning the powerpuff girls and became entranced with it and would browse around very often. I was still a highschool freshmen during these moments.

2005 - I would finally join deviantART buuuuuuuuut highschool got in the way of everything, forgot my username and password and everything and wouldn't return until 2007.

2007 - I would rejoin dA as a means to stay closer to my ex-boyfriend. despite encountering trolls often I still stayed and decided to see how how well this community is.

2008 - I would actively get involved in the community even to the point of attempting to be a community volunteer. Never was accepted x3 so I kept to myself and met other friends during these times. I still had my fair share of drama but I kept a positive outlook on life. However life can be a bitch to the extreme... (what happened that year been resolved, *not saying what it was lol * )

2009 - I would become even more active and even posting artwork. I would also meet my girlfriend for almost 6 years (we broken up recently) I would meet more newer friends while losing old ones who revealed themselves to be disgusting backstabbers.

2010 - I would encounter more disgusting people and eventually migrated to another website only to run into way more drama there than dA lol (All I will say is "Furries..." )

2011/12 - I would be reacquainted with an old friend from 2008. He had a difficult falling out so I helped him get back on his feet <3 he eventually would assist in designing a very popular character of mine which laid way to a major project that been in the making since 2012. (as of May 17th of 2015 I would begin a relationship with this very same friend and since then, I been very cheerful and constantly happy despite the BS I get from crappy friends and folks I dont get along with in the family x3) This would also be the year I lost a very close friend of mine via backstabbing and it made me wary of fandoms that preach family, friendship and so on. Those the one you should look out for, they will only respect you when you agree with them.

2013 - I eventually left in favor of a newer site which had a more cleaner community and by clean, there werent that many assholes save for a total of 7, which is a fraction of the number I encountered here and another site. I would start showcasing artwork as an endless promotion for my still WIP story series (and have as of 6/28/2015, accumulated 244,733 submission views, 11,118 favs and 1,600 watchers and have became a slightly well known user)

2014 - growing tiresome of dA's community (Too many racists, backstabbers and people forcing your religious views on you constantly) I called it quits and focused on the other site more than all the other sites I browse (SAVE for youtube which I browse every single day XD well when I'm on the computer lol) I posted a journal stating I was leaving and I meant it too. however I would return to settle multiple issues, and help several friends with dealing with harassers, art thieves, and so on.

However with my final objective completed yesterday (along with laughing at the far right's reaction to gay marriage in the US being legalized nationwide)

2015 - It time I say farewell c: It been a blast being on dA, met lots of interesting people (IE the people I'm still friends with, many of whom scattered across the internet) No clue if I return or not but I doubt it, I'd feel better finally leaving the site in full. I'd closed my account but I really don't wanna, plus some friends have no way of contacting me except by notes which I may or may not read nor answer to. so to you friends who can only contact me by notes. keep it mind, it will be a LOOOOOOOONG wait before I answer. I may check my messages but thats all I'm gonna do.

If only this site was more friendly and supportive I'd remain here but unfortunately it isn't and I don't like negative flashbacks XD either way, we may meet again , laters <3

Okay, reality check. basically I'm leaving dA in a manner in which "I ain't doing nothing but checking messages." I aint gonna comment, fav, or anything. just check my messages, reply to any notes I got then signing out. If you like to contact me on other sites leave me a note which I WILL answer too. But yeah I think now is the time to say laters. Keep in mind though, if you have my emotion and such no need to note me x3 but anyway this will be basically my last journal post x3

  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: AA Full Version - Dj Amuro
  • Drinking: Strawberry Crush Soda
Even though I dont celebrate it XD

Normally I would deliver a horror story like I attempted last year but sadly I ran out of time x3x
Sequel to the last journal x3

I reported them on the other website, I got one of them banned and now colliefan is attempting to start drama by making subtle call out journals while he continue to justify his friend's stalking/harassment behavior lol

Luckily censoring blogs isn't enough to keep them from getting removed lol, there is overwhelming evidence of harassment and the porn on there isn't censored enough so I'm thinking that blog will eventually be deleted. Not to mention art theft which is also against blogspot TOS.

I love how this dramawhore throws around "Pedophile" around so much when there is actual proof she drawn toddlercon in the past x3 Too bad the evidence is gone since blogspot removed it. Or was it tumblr that removed it...

It sad my friend (yes I'm referring to you Sonbon) is trying to attempt to get the truth from him despite there are comments on dA from those dramawhores that they are either liars or trolls themselves. At the same time, I know how trolls operate, so more like total neanderthals. This is gonna be a fun week since they are trying a little too hard.

I hope that girl realize this is all bait to get her to make a bigger fool of herself with her blog. Since so far, everyone are laughing at your fail attempts since nothing is working. Oh well not everyone have a stable life.… (link contains a screenshot of a comment trend)

Note: The names was blotched out because I'm using that screenshot to help in report them on the other website where revealing their names in a public journal is against the rule but I will reveal who it is on this site doing the damage.

SP aka colliefan here on dA have reported me because of this…
Something that been there for years now x3 it funny how these people get upset over a joke c:

What more funny is their lack of knowledge. Pedophilia is illegal in Canada LOL

Here is what sad, those two are stalking me as we speak on another website x3
Thankfully their blog is breaking major rules so I can get them removed from google c:

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